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Cricket Essay 3 (200 words) Cricket is a professional outdoor game played especially by the boys of many countries on national and international level. There are two teams of 11 players each in this outdoor game. Cricket is played until 20 overs are completed by each team. All the Laws, rules and regulation are maintained by the International.

Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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Free sample essay on A Cricket Match. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. It is equally popular in the West as it is in India. Cricket players are worshipped like hero. We can see children playing cricket in villages and towns. Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world. It is equally popular in the West as it is in India. Cricket players are worshipped like hero.

Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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Formats of Cricket. As Cricket has various formats, it has a different fan base for each of them. Some people like watching test matches because of their intensity and authenticity. While some enjoy Twenty-20, that require minimum engagement and are highly entertaining. Test Match is a format of cricket that is quite traditional.

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The other day I saw a very exciting cricket match between the teams of my school and the local municipal school. It was held in our town’s sports stadium. Our team had been preparing for weeks for this important match, and was in a very confident mood. A big crowd had turned up for the match. Both the teams marched into the ground, and a coin.


Cricket is played between two teams of 11 members each, it is on a flat, smooth and clean ground. Cricket requires two sets of stumps, wickets and a ball. The distance between two sets of wickets is 22 yards. The bowlers take their turns after every six balls. In this fielding is also necessary for victory. Before the game starts, there is the toss. It is the whim of the toss-winning captain.

Cricket is a team sport and is played on a big ground. The pitch in the center and ground is prepared for any format of the match. Later, stumps are rooted along the breadth of the pitch and players are called on to the ground to start the play. The team fielding will have 11 players guarding the boundary and two batsmen from opposition will come to bat. There will be two umpires on the field.


A Cricket match is divided into periods called innings. It is decided before the game begins, if both teams will have one or two innings. During the innings one team bats while the other fields. All 11 players on the fielding team are on the pitch at the same time however only two batsmen are the field at any one time. Team captains toss a coin to decide who should bat first. Cricket fields.

Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 20-metre (22-yard) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps.The batting side scores runs by striking the ball bowled at the wicket with the bat, while the bowling and fielding side tries to prevent this and dismiss each player (so they are.

Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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The story 'A Village Cricket Match' is an excerpt from the author's novel 'England, their England' and presents a light-hearted look at the hypocrisy of the English society and the concept of Englishness through the eyes of the Scottish author. This episode is a mild satire directed at the manipulation of the rules which were rearranged as per convenience and tries to shed light on the follies.

Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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Important urdu language pdf essay on cricket match in urdu get help with your writing 1 and the skills, latest shows and vidoes. After being taken down twice by blogger within a cricket in urdu apa style for spatial and now comprises six teams. Cricket essay in urdu It will forget how wealthy essay example driving. Urdu get help with your writing service. Pakistan cricket in urdu, we got the.

Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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In this essay about cricket, I will make it evident that cricket, despite its oddities and seemingly regional nature, is actually a global game. Cricket is a bat-and-ball kind of game that is played between two teams, 11 players in each of them. The field has an oval shape with a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch in the center. In the game process, one team bats and tries to score runs, the more.

Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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Essay On Cricket Match Pdf

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