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Azad Kashmir Essays

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Azad Kashmir Essays

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Azad Kashmir Essays

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Azad Kashmir is a self-governing state under Pakistan. It has its own elected president, prime minister, legislature, high court, emblem and official flag. However, the highest body in the state is the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Council. This council has six members from the government of Azad Kashmir (including the President and the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir) and five members from the.


A cease-fire was declared immediately, as a result of which Pakistan remained and still remains, in illegal possession of a part of the state which is called “Azad Kashmir” by Pakistan. The U. N. O. then made various efforts to settle the dispute peacefully. The true facts thus came to light, and Pakistan was accepted by both the countries. The resolution provided that (1) Pakistan would.

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Kashmir, along with the region of Jammu, Ladakh and Gilgit forms the State of Jammu and Kashmir which is spread over an area of 222236 square kilometers. The state consists of three parts: Indian controlled Kashmir (IcK), Pakistan controlled Kashmir (PcK) and China controlled Kashmir (CcK). The geography of Kashmir is divided into three land masses: the foothill plains of Jammu, the Kashmir.

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Azad Kashmir (Pakistan controlled), Aksai chin (Chinese controlled). Kashmir under the British rule was one of the Five hundred and sixty two so called princely states that existed in India. It was one the biggest princely states under the British rule. After the British rule was over in India during 1947, Kashmir had three choices as a princely state it could: Join India and merge as one of.

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The exchange of fire between their forces across the Line of Control, which separates Azad Kashmir from Occupied Kashmir, is a routine affair. Now that both India and Pakistan have acquired nuclear weapons potential, the possibility of a third war between them over Kashmir, which may involve the use of nuclear weapons, cannot be ruled out. Kashmir may be a cause to a likely nuclear disaster in.


Azad Kashmir, area of the Pakistani-administered sector of the Kashmir region, in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent. Azad (“Free”) Kashmir, established in 1947 after the partition of India, is neither a province nor an agency of Pakistan but has a government of its own that is regarded by Pakistan as “independent,” even though it is protected by and economically and.

Mirpur, the largest city of Azad Kashmir and also known for its modern bungalows and buildings, is located at the distance of 218 km from Lahore. Mirpur is mainly agricultural city, and famous for millet, maize, and good quality rice of Khari. Muzzafarabad. Muzaffarabad, located on the banks of Jhelum River and Neelum River, is the capital Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. On its west, there.


Kashmir was incorporated as a part of India after voting by the assembly in Indian Kashmir in 1956. This happened against the back drop of Azad Kashmir remaining under the control of he Government of Pakistan. India turned its eyes away time and time again from Pakistani and UN resolution demands for a plebiscite to be held in the Indian controlled Kashmir. To further complicate the issue.

Azad Kashmir Essays

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Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) forms the left outer ear of the India map — sans lobe. It comprises what the people of Pakistan refer to as Azad Kashmir or AJK, short for Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Now, ears will be tweaked, boxed, pulled — that is their lot. Every time there are surgical strikes, geographies smart — outer.

Azad Kashmir Essays

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Kashmir Dispute: The Kashmir conflict is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region, the north westernmost region of South Asia. India claims the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir and as of 2010, administers approximately 43% of the region, including most of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, Ladakh, and the Siachen Glacier. India’s claim is contested by Pakistan, which.

Azad Kashmir Essays

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Book review Decomposing Kashmir: A collection of essays offers new ways of seeing the region and the dispute Edited by Chitralekha Zutshi, these essays travel into terrains and stories that the.

Azad Kashmir Essays

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The conversion of a Hindu Kashmir into an Islamic region was the most significant and epoch making historical change in the world of Kashmir’s political culture. The ruthless periods of rule by Pathans, Sikhs and also of Dogras are among the darkest chapters of the Kashmir history. Even now, efforts are on to undermine the concept of the rich history of the Kashmiri people, by way of.

Azad Kashmir Essays

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Part of Kashmir is called Jammu and Kashmir and the other part is Pakistan's ruling area known as Azad Kashmir. The Kashmir valley is one of the most fertile land on Earth, rich in pine and cedar forests, covered with paddy fields, hemp and saffron, orchard and apple ornament trees and walnut trees. The Kashmiri conflict was mainly a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan, which began.

Azad Kashmir Essays

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A famous town in Azad Kashmir which is also known to be a district headquarter of Poonch. An alluring valley amid high hills, located about 80 kilometers away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Since it is only 80 km, it surely means you can easily reach the area and make the most of it if you are the national capital or Rawalpindi. Being a northern area, it is bound to be a savage in winter, so.

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